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15 Penn Station - New York

Country USA 15 Penn Station
Floors 67
Height(m) 365
Height(ft) 1200
Date Built
Link Building Link
Concept Yes
Complete No

The observation deck at the top of the Empire State Building may have some competition soon.

On Aug. 25 2010, the New York City Council approved plans for a controversial skyscraper to be built near Penn Station, two blocks from the Empire State Building. The skyscraper, known as 15 Penn Plaza, will be a 67-floor tower and rise nearly 1,200 feet into the New York City skyline. It will be 34 feet shorter than the Empire State Building.

The building, designed by Vornado Realty Trust, will house 2.04 million square feet of office space. It will also rent out 11,000 square feet to retail tenants and have up to 100 underground parking spaces.